Buying process


VERONIS-LAGOGIANNIS NAXOS REAL ESTATE AGENCY wants to describe the few steps that you have to follow in order to buy the house of your dreams in Greece and especially in beautiful Naxos Island. Additionally, our agency can provide you with all the necessary support, such as to suggest you a Greek lawyer, a Greek public notary, an accountant etc during the individual stages or throughout the entire process of purchasing a property. Our agency collaborates with a team of professionals (engineers, architects, notaries, contractors, topographers, electricians, lawyers, manufacturing companies, accountants, translators etc) who are ready to assist you or other issues that may arise. They will handle on your behalf the administrative formalities. In this case your attendance in Greece is not necessary even the day of signing the final contract. Your power of attorney (usually the lawyer that you will choose) can do all the necessary works on your behalf.
Now you will find all the details of purchase process in Greece by steps:

Step 1: "Search and find your dreams property"

  • In the first step you will search for your dream property (House, Villa, Maisonette, Parcel, Plot, Hotel, Studio etc), discussing your thoughts and your interests with our agency.
  • Secondly, we will suggest you some properties we have available in the areas you like most and are suitable for you.

Step 2: "Property visiting"

  • You will visit the indoor, outdoor and the surrounding area (if it is necessary) of the properties you prefer with our agents, who can answer all your questions regarding each property.
  • On the day of the visit to the properties, you will be collected by our agent from the airport or port or hotel.

Step 3: "Viewing Documentation"

  • You will receive all the necessary documents (plans, google maps, property contract, building permits etc) from us. Additionally, we have to promote these documents to the lawyer of your choice who must do all the necessary checks in the registry land office and to promote you his report regarding the property.

Step 4: "Making an offer"

  • After the documentation checking we can make your offer which will be transferred to the owner by our agent, having always as a target to close a very good deal for you.

Step 5: "Tax number and bank account"

  • By the assistance of our agency, you will go in the tax office to receive the necessary tax number (AFM) which is necessary for the purchase property. You have to keep on you a print of your passport or your identity card. This process can be by your lawyer if he has the necessary power of attorney. Additionally, you have to create a bank account to a Greek bank in order to transfer the money for the transaction and for the expenses of the contract.
    The documents that are needed for this are: identity card or valid passport, income tax slip, recent utility bill which mentions your current address and your last clearing of the tax return. All the above must be valid from the Greek Embassy or from the Consulate to your country.

Step 6: "Closing the property"

  • After the acceptance of your offer from the owner, you have to pay a deposit (10%) in order to close the deal and to remove the property from the market. This will be thorough and agreement which your lawyer will write. Otherwise, this will be thorough the pre-contract that the public notary will write.

Step 7: "Collection of the documents"

  • Our office undertakes to collect all the necessary documents that are required for the final contract.

Step 8: "Signature day"

  • You or your power of attorney in collaboration with our agency will go to the tax authority where we will submit the declaration statements and pay the transaction tax. After that we will go to the public notary to sign the final contract and finally the property of your dreams ……… is yours !

Keep in mind:

  • Within a month your accountant must declare the property in the tax office.
  • You have to change the name of the bills (water and electricity) to your name. This will be by our assistance.
  • Every year, your accountant must declare your property in the tax office in Greece (from May to July).